Katherine Wheatley

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello all.  Well, my new cd "Landed" landed on Friday night at Hugh's Room in Toronto and I'm thrilled about it.  Also thrilled to be opening for Buffy Ste. Marie this Wednesday in London.  I'm sure I'll have some things to report.  But for now...

...THANK YOU...ALL OF YOU WHO MADE THIS FRECKLE-FACED RED-HEADED GAL FROM PARRY SOUND SO HAPPY ON FRIDAY NIGHT.  Thank you for coming to my cd launch.  Thank you for being so warm and responsive.  Thank you for listening and thank you for buying my cd.  You made my "landing" better than I could have imagined.

Many people asked about a t-shirt.  The cd booklet was designed by Michael Wrycraft (wrycraft.com) and he's working on a t-shirt.  The girl with the guitar - the one who landed - will be on it.  I'll let you know when and how it'll be available.

Also, I didn't have time to tell you much about all the musicians on stage with me and I so wanted to.  Here's who was there:

Michael Johnston did most of the keyboard work. He is a fantastic singer/songwriter but has little time for his own work because he’s so darn great a musician that other bands keep him too busy.  He is top call in Toronto.  Plays with the Skydiggers. 

Wendell Ferguson
was the big guy playing dynamite finger style guitar.  He’s a very funny songwriter and six-time Canadian Country Music Association Guitar Player of the year.  We’re in “Betty and The Bobs” together.  We have a duo called “Wendell and Wheat.”  I’ll be backing him up Dec. 15 at Hugh’s for the launch of his DVD “Jesus Christ It’s Your Birthday Again.”

Suzie Vinnick plays every instrument under the sun.  As I write this, I don’t know what she’ll have played at my show, but my guess is she’ll have taken a guitar or mandolin solo at some point.  She has won Maple Blues awards for best vocalist, best album, best bass player as well as various songwriting awards.  Her most recent album was nominated for a Juno.  She plays in “Betty and the Bobs.”
She’ll be releasing a cd with the trio “The Marigolds” November 4, here at Hugh’s Room.

Tannis Slimmon’s latest release “Lucky Blue” is impossible to take off your cd player.  She is the current Canadian Folk Music Awards’ contemporary vocalist of the year.  She won the Independent Music Awards’ Best song.  Musicians want to have her on stage with them when they’ve got a big night.  Tannis performs with “Betty and the Bobs” whenever one of the regular gals can’t make it. 

I first saw Ariana Gillis when she was 11.  She did a little opening spot for me in Jordan  Village. That night she handed me a cd she’d made herself.  She was determined and fearless at 11 and now, at 18, she’s charging full speed ahead.  She digs in - to the songwriting, the guitar playing, the accordion, the videos she makes.  Ariana’s cd release is at Hugh’s Room on October 20. 

Lynn Miles is my favourite singer/songwriter.  Jani - my best friend - same thing.  Wendell and I listen to her all the time when we’re touring.  We listen with our mouths hanging open.  I can not say enough about Lynn’s songwriting and singing.  She’s a Juno Award winner.  She’s admired by musicians all over the globe.  You can imagine how honoured I am to have her produce my cd.  Lynn plays here at Hugh’s Room on November 19.

I used to go see Scott Merritt in the early ‘80s when he was a bit of pop star.  Nowadays, he far too rarely performs and puts out cds. He’s mostly a producer...Garnet Rogers, Fred Eaglesmith, Ian Tamblyn, and (big smile) me.  He is allergic to compliments, so I won’t go on because it’ll make him squirm.  I could never say enough anyway about how imaginative, hard working and real Scott is. I’m pretty darn proud to have him as a producer and I know Lynn was honoured to be a co-producer with him.

All my best, Katherine