Katherine Wheatley

Sunday, November 08, 2009

We'll be covering the north like snow!

Hello Folks,

It's 7:15 am.  In about 90 minutes, I'm leaving for Sault Ste Marie - 8.5 hours from here - with Suzie Vinnick and Wendell Ferguson.  Then tomorrow, we drive to Manitouwadge.  Have you heard of it?  It is at the end of the line.  Seriously.  You turn just east of the Hemlow Gold Mines.  Manitouwadge has its' own beautiful drive off the trans Canada - lined with black spruce that are covered with black beard-like moss or lichen.  Hmmm? 

We're playing in Manitouwadge - at the nifty new high school auditorium.  Then we go to Geraldton, Atikokan, Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay, Goulais River.  I'm bringing raw vegetables, boggle, scrabble, a box of trivial pursuit cards and about a dozen half-finished cryptic crosswords.  Wendell's bringing 12 hours of music on his ipod as well as facts and jokes he's dug up about Northern Ontario.  He'll be teasing and quizzing the audience.  Suzie is bringing all the things we need to get there and stay organized...an SUV, CD sales sheets, addresses, phone numbers.

If you know someone in one of these offbeat places in NW Ontario, please let them know about the show.  And tell them to say "HI".  And if you happen to live in one of these stunning places, please join us.  And again, please don't hesitate to say "HI".

Take good care, Katherine


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