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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello All,
Thanks for visiting my website. It's much appreciated.

My new CD, Landed, is being released September 25, 2009 at Hugh's Room in Toronto. If you’d like to come to the release, please book. I’d love you to be there. To reserve, visit www.hughsroom.com or call 416 531-6604.

I'm excited about this CD, but truth is, for a long time I didn't want to do it. The songs are pretty personal and I knew it'd be hard to make. I'd spoken to a number of producers - all of them excellent - but I was dragging my feet. Then last spring, after a show at The National Archives in Ottawa, I headed to Irene's - a pub where a bunch of local musicians hang out. I sat across from Lynn Miles and found out she'd just produced a CD of songs by women in the Yukon. Bing. Just like that, I wanted to make the CD.

Lynn was keen, but so long as Scott Merritt was involved. Then, I had 2 producers. And it all felt right. I'd wanted whoever was producing to have good songwriting chops - I wanted them to push me with my songwriting. Lynn's songs have always hit my heart hard and Scott's lyrics hit home every time. So there I was in the studio with excellent songwriters who happened to be producers. I did a lot of re-writing.

The songs on the cd, as I mentioned, are personal. I wanted the cd to communicate deep emotion - but without being maudlin. My agent, Robin MacIntyre was keen on Scott - saying that he wouldn't let anything out of his studio that was maudlin or not believable. And Lynn is clear with the emotion of the song.

That's how it finally started. A strong gut feeling about the producers.

I will post more info about the album as the release gets closer. Thanks for reading...


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